Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Allow specific tags in WYSIWYG editor.

By default magento WYSIWYG editor will strip certain tags from the editor. To allow your tags in WYSIWYG editor you must edit the file under the path 


1. Find var settings = { line and 
2. Add extended_valid_elements : 'nav[style|id|class]'.

In my case i have allowed <nav> tag, and am allowing the attributes style, id etc. Now the nav tag wont be stripped when you add it in admin WYSIWYG editor.

Magento Remove secure url from database.

Removing http(s) by editing databse.

If you cant access your magento admin panel and you need to remove your https, go to 
core_config table 
change the value of web/secure/use_in_frontend to '0' and web/secure/use_in_adminhtml to '0' .

If it is set to '1' your site is https enabled.

Change page titile in magento

Need to add new page title?

Here's a scenario i have faced.

I need to create a new Contact us page regardless of the native contact us page in magento. so i need to add page title for my new contact us page. I have solved it by adding it in XML

<reference name="head">
<action method="setTitle" translate="title" module="contacts"><title>Contact Us</title></action>

More info: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3663769/magento-page-title-on-contact-page

Magento Google wallet integration

Magento right now have google checkout integration, which can be found on admin panel.
system->configuration->sales(tab)->Google API.

But it is confirmed that Google is shutting down its checkout feature on November 20, 2013. For the website selling physical goods we cannot use Google Wallet feature also as Google Wallet will only entertain payments for digital goods.

So we have to go for other payment methods like Amazon, Paypal etc.