Wednesday, 19 February 2014

USPS API update january 2014

Usps have updated their API on January 2014. You can find the details of it here

And for those who have registered for the USPS developer or production account you would have been received mail from Usps about the API update.

According to the new update the shipping method "Standard Post" has been eliminated for Zones      1 to 4

Usps separates zipcodes with their zones. You can find your zone from here. FIND USPS ZONES
Go to "Get Zone for ZIP Code Pair" tab and enter your Origin and Destination zip code.

If your zone is numbered from 1 to 4, the "Standard Post" shipping method will not be applicable for you zipcode. Exception is given when you ship hazardous materials, live animals or other ground only items.

You can find more info about the API changes. 2014 January Release Notes (RTF)

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