Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Magento 2 Installation Guide.

Magento 2 is under development phase and there are beta release on Github which are free to explore. You can download Magento 2 here.


* Once you have downloaded magento2 zip file from Github, you can extract it to your htdocs folder(in xampp).

* Next thing is to Install the Composer. Without installing composer we cannot run Magento 2.

* Steps for Installing Composer on Windows machine can be found here. Follow steps from 1 to 5 if  latest xampp version is installed.

* Step for Installing Composer on Linux machine can be found here.

* Once Composer is installed properly, Now you can install magento 2. Find the composer.JSON file inside your extracted magento 2 folder and Right click on it and select composer Install.

* Now the composer will install the necessary library files and you are good to go.

* Run the file via your Browser like the usual magento Installation.

NOTE: Magento 2 requires PHP version 5.4 or higher.

Complete installation instructions with Screenshots is available on Magestore website.

You can get the Usefull links to study and get to know more about Magento 2 from my next post. Click here.

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