Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Magento 2 study guide & useful websites to get to know about it

The new version of Magento has a significant changes in the architecture when comparing to its 1.* versions. I have started learning Magento 2 and found some of the websites that explains the changes and improvements very clearly. These are from the Masters of Magento.

Am not going to explain the changes that are in Magento 2, instead I will give you all the Links that are useful for you to explore and learn it by yourself.

It's good to have the Magento have their own well formatted Wiki for Magento 2. The Wiki explains all the technology changes in Magento 2. You can go to the Official WIKI page here.


I have also found other websites that are extremely useful to study magento 2. They are,
* The Alan Kent's Blog. (Magento's chief architect)
* The Inchooers website.
* Magestore's website.
* An Awesome explanation for Dependency Injection(DI) can be found here. The website explains the DI for Symphony, Yet the concept for the DI is the Same for all. More explanation for DI can be found from the Jeff More Presentation.


Magestore have developed a banner module for Magento 2. You can visit their website here to View the Demo and download the banner module.

You can get the THEME for Magento 2 here. Uber theme offers this free Magento 2 theme and the Live Demo of the theme can be found on the link provided.


Uber theme also provides the Sample data for magento 2. You can visit their website here. This website clearly explains the installation steps and configuring magento 2 with Screenshots.

Go crazy on New Magento 2.

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